Cooke & Co

Why choose Cooke & Co

When it comes to your property and renting it out there are numerous options and possibilities that you must consider. Essentially, you are trusting your letting agent with one of your most valuable assets. It's a big choice and it's one you must get right. You need to ensure you are getting a professional, knowledgeable and effective letting agent that will take all the stress off of your shoulders.

There are several agents around the local area; so why should you choose Cooke & Co?

We are independent professionals

In February 2008, Cooke & Co began its journey as one of the only independent estate and letting agents left in Somerset. Fast forward almost 10 years and we are still going strong providing professional and expert letting services to local and national Landlords. We pride ourselves on excellence, constantly investing in new technologies, researching the latest industry happenings and the local property market to ensure that all of our landlords get the best service possible.

We Mean Business

We have a team of fully qualified and competent staff members with exceptional contacts in local businesses and numerous clients in Weston-Super-Mare and Bristol. We are in the optimal position to let your property in the quickest amount of time at the best rental rate available.

We offer the latest technology available to help secure a tenant quickly and efficiently. This technology includes floorplans, a brand-new and fully responsive website and photography. We also advertise our rental properties on the top online property websites such as; ‘Rightmove', ‘Zoopla' and "property finder". Not only do we utilise digital marketing, we also advertise your property in our high street window, so you and your property get as much exposure as possible.

We Know the laws

Lettings legislation changes regularly with hefty and costly fines when you get it wrong. Cooke & Co are constantly training, researching and updating our policies and how we conduct them to ensure that you and we are fully compliant at all times. We also regularly update our marketing materials and literature to ensure they meet the new and updated requirements. We are happy to assist you when it comes to the safety certifications and reports that are required by law. Contact us now for more details.


If you choose Cooke & Co to be your professional lettings partner, you will receive all the support and assistance that you need to ensure a stress-free process when letting out your property.

Choosing a Tenant

At Cooke & Co, we focus on finding a suitable tenant for your property. In the current market, it could be easy to get anyone in, but why would we move in a potentially problematic tenant that could cause us and you problems. We focus on finding the perfect tenant for you to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Property Opportunities

If you already have a property portfolio and are looking to purchase a new property, or if you are looking to take your first steps and buy your first rental property, Cooke & Co could have the perfect opportunity for you. We have a number of properties to buy that already have tenants living in them, meaning you save a lot of time and money on costs and trying to find a new tenant. This guarantees income immediately and helps for a stress-free purchase of your new property with no extra costs.

If you are thinking of renting your property or currently rent out a property but are looking to change agencies, please contact us for expert advice, guidance or to book a meeting.